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Can I cancel my subscription after I have placed my order?

The statutory right of withdrawal does not apply to the rental of motor vehicles in advance. As a gesture of goodwill, we offer our customers a free cancellation within two full business days after your booking is confirmed. 


If the cancellation takes place later than two full business days after the booking has been confirmed, FINN is entitled to collect a corresponding fee in the amount of one month's rent from the customer. Your booking is confirmed once your license has been approved and you receive a final confirmation. 


Once the vehicle has been delivered to you, you can no longer terminate your contract with FINN without good cause and are responsible for payment of the entire term. If you have valid reasons, please send your termination request, including evidence that can support your reasons, in writing by e-mail to Our service team will review your request as soon as possible. 


Please note that even in the case of termination for good cause, a fee equal to two monthly installments will be charged in addition to delivery/pick-up fees.

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