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How do I prepare my FINN vehicle for return?

To prepare your vehicle for return, please use the following checklist: 

✓ Car is completely cleaned inside and out.

✓ All accessories are present in the car. 

✓ All personal items, stickers or adhesive films have been removed. 

✓ Original tires have been secured. 

✓ Service booklet is present in the car. 

✓ All vehicle keys are present. 

✓ Vehicle registration document is present. 

✓ All previous damage has been reported to FINN. 

✓ The fuel/charge level is the same as when you first received your car. 

✓ Ensure that the check engine light is not on.


Our experts repeatedly find similar shortcomings, but they can be easily avoided.

Here is their advice on how to prepare your vehicle for return:

  • Clean your car thoroughly at the car wash. Use a high-pressure cleaner for pre-cleaning if necessary. 
  • Personal items are often forgotten inside the car. Please check all compartments, gaps, trunk and frunk and below the floor mats.
  • Remove stickers such as vignettes from the windshield with a glass cleaner.
  • If you took any item from the first aid kit, please replace the kit.
  • For electric vehicles, make sure all charging cables remain in the car.
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