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How do I prepare my FINN vehicle for return?

To prepare your vehicle for return, please use the following checklist: 

✓ Car is completely cleaned inside and out.

✓ All accessories are present in the car. 

✓ All personal items, stickers or adhesive films have been removed. 

✓ Original tires have been secured. 

✓ Service booklet is present in the car. 

✓ All vehicle keys are present. 

✓ Vehicle registration document is present. 

✓ All previous damage has been reported to FINN. 

✓ The fuel/charge level is the same as when you first received your car. 


A note in advance: You do not have to return your vehicle with a full tank. It is enough to have the fuel/charge level the same as when the vehicle was delivered at the beginning of your subscription. You can find the original fuel/charge level in your handover protocol that is sent upon delivery.

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