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Does FINN require a deposit?

In most cases, there will be no deposit required.

However, customers with credit scores below a certain threshold will be required to pay an upfront deposit equal to 2 months of their monthly payment due on the date of application approval. This deposit will be refunded at the end of your subscription once all amounts due to FINN have been satisfied. Deposits cannot be applied as a "credit". 

The deposit will not be charged twice for customers who have subscribed to a follow-up car. Instead, we will transfer the held deposit from the previous subscription to the new subscription and charge/refund the difference.

If a customer cancels within 48 hours of signing, per our current cancelation policy, they will be refunded the deposit with no penalty. This request for cancellation should be sent via e-mail to If a customer cancels 48+ hours of signing, then they will be subject to the cancellation fee, which will be offset by the deposit. The remainder of the deposit would then be refunded.

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