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How is FINN committed to sustainability?


At FINN, we believe that mobility and climate awareness are compatible. But how exactly do we put this credo into practice? We offset the CO2 emissions emitted by our fleet by providing financial support to three select climate projects run by ClimatePartner. We calculate the CO2 emissions on the basis of the respective average vehicle consumption. 


Mountain Forest Project 

The first project we support is the Bergwald Combi Project, because climate protection starts right in our neighborhood. Since 1991, volunteers there have been planting native tree species such as Silver Fir and Sycamore Maple, thus helping to preserve biodiversity and species diversity in our forests. At the same time, they are also supported by professionals and experts who perform valuable educational work on the mountain forest ecosystem. This regional commitment is combined with the protection of over 97,000 hectares of forest in Pará, at the mouth of the Brazilian Amazon, thus combatting commercial logging on the one hand and preserving the biodiversity of the rainforest on the other. 


Virunga National Park

In our second project, we support the construction of run-of-river power plants in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The energy generated provides many inhabitants of the region with their first access to electricity, thus creating the conditions for economic development. The goal is to counteract the illegal overexploitation of natural resources and timber in order to protect the forests and indigenous species, in particular the majority of the last mountain gorillas still living in the wild.


American Forests

The third project we support is forest conservation in the United States. We are convinced of the power of forests. They play a critical role in addressing two of the most pressing issues of our time: slowing climate change and promoting social justice. Forests also provide a habitat for wildlife and a clean, abundant water supply for us humans. For these reasons, we support American Forests, the oldest nonprofit organization in the U.S., which helps plant and restore forests in the U.S. through forestry innovations and more.


You can find more information about climate-neutral driving with FINN here.

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