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What damages will be charged at the end of my subscription?

The monthly subscription rate for your FINN car already includes costs for regular vehicle wear and tear (e.g., tires) and average signs of use.


At the end of your subscription, you will be charged for damages beyond regular wear and tear (e.g., dents that need to be filled, scratches that need to be painted, and stone chips that need to be repaired). For damages, we can handle through insurance, such as the replacement of the windshield, a deductible of $1000 per claim will be charged.


The deductible will not be applied to unreported damages. If damage occurs close to your contract end date, you will need to notify our claims hotline at (888) 296-3688, extension 1, and get an estimate before the scheduled return of your vehicle.


Please note: We recommend you always report accident damage immediately to reduce the costs to the deductible. Please note that the deductible applies per claim. In case of unreported comprehensive damage, we are forced to charge you the full amount of the damage.

You can find important information about insurance & damage claims here.

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